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Welcome to Rendering Tutorial site. This site is develop to help artist, architects, advertisers, visual artists and hobbyist a place to share, gain and learn from tutorial writers, important knowledge, tricks and tips in using rendering and image processing software. Some of the link here were cross posted from other sites, some of them were develop for this site, and some of them were shared wholeheartedly by different individuals.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Where to find Vismats

Vismats are Vray material files from VRAY Rhino and VRAY SketchUp.  When ASGVIS became part of Chaos Group, the VISMATS sharing site was gone. Their material was not available to non-paying users. Luckily you can still find some of the materials at once you registered with them.

Some materials are also available at Flying architecture
Some of the old ASGVIS materials are still here, plus some more materials done by FA.

Recently the library on this site: started to file up. Check them out.

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