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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hair and Fur in Studio Max

Ronen Bekerman vizualization forum introduced Alfa Smyrna aka. Pixela's approach with Hair and Fur. When it comes to quality visualization. Ronen's site is a must to see. Here is the LINK. If you are a serious visualizer, you should follow his site and forum. Here is one the quality posting.

Following a great thread in the finished works section of the forums, pixela was very kind to send me a little ‘How-To’ about the the use of 3D Studio Max’s Hair & Fur modifier you can see on the chair in the image above. I hope you’ll enjoy this article, even though it is just a small taste of what could be achieved with this great modifier.

In my 3d interior visualization scene ‘Bedroom Concept’ I had one chair with fur which many people asked me to write a small tutorial about. Here I will try to explain the process of making it using 3D Studio Max internal Hair & Fur modifier.
I used poly modeling techniques for creating the chair, but I won’t elaborate on that any further since I’m focusing on the use of the Hair & Fur modifier I applied on the chair after I finished it’s modeling.


So… While the chair is selected, from the modifiers panel, you add Hair & Fur modifier (under World Space Modifiers). You can see the parameters I used in the image below.

Effects 03 528x280 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Max
Initial look of fur

Initially, the fur will not look like it is in my image because you have to ‘Style’ it first. This step makes the fur look much more realistic as you comb it with a brush, setting the strands in place. When you click on the Style Hair button, you will see the hair guides. You will then shape these guides with the brush and the fur strands will follow your movements.

Effects 04 528x302 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Max

Fur guides
First you should start with adjusting the size of your brush. You can then select hair guides individually or in groups. The selection menu is very detailed.


At first, I selected all guides and tried to give the general look I wanted. In the second step, I selected guides in groups and continued brushing. For fine-tuning, you can even select edges or roots of hair or single vertex like in sub-object mode.

Effects 05 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Max

Hair & Fur Styling Panel
Under the style roll-out, there are many tools as you see in the image above. You will use some of them to brush the fur.

Here I pasted some of the definitions for these tools from the 3dsMax help file
  • Hair Cut – Lets you trim the guide hairs. To cut hair.
  • Translate – Moves selected vertices in the direction that you drag the mouse.
  • Stand – Pushes selected guides toward a perpendicular orientation to the surface
  • Rotate – Rotate or swirls guide hair vertices around the cursor location (at the center of the brush).
  • Attenuate Length – Scales selected guides according to the surface area of underlying polygons.
  • Recomb – Makes a guide parallel to the surface, using the guide’s current direction as a hint.
  • Clump – Forces selected guides to move towards each other (drag mouse leftward) or farther apart (drag mouse rightward).
Now you start combing your hair, cut it where you need. As you brush, you will see that the fur changes shape. You can move the strands in any direction you want, rotate them individually or in groups, clump them so they can move towards like a bunch. You can shape up your fur according to your imagination.

Hint: It is easier to understand when trying to make it. Here, it sounds more complicated than it is. Start brushing and play with the tools and you will see the results in the viewport preview.
Here is the result after I styled it:

Effects 06 528x302 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Max

After some fur styling

Don’t forget to turn on the Hair & Fur effect from the Environment and effects roll-out. You can disable this to save RAM when the fur object is not visible to the camera.

Effects 07 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Max
Environment and effects roll-out

The Bedroom concept image set
f lr side 150x150 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Maxf lr pancras2 150x150 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Maxf lr lamp2 150x150 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Maxf lr dolap 150x150 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Maxf lr coffee 150x150 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Max4340317040 311a44fe23 o 150x150 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Max4340316776 f05c17f2f0 o 150x150 Hair & Fur in 3D Studio Max

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