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Welcome to Rendering Tutorial site. This site is develop to help artist, architects, advertisers, visual artists and hobbyist a place to share, gain and learn from tutorial writers, important knowledge, tricks and tips in using rendering and image processing software. Some of the link here were cross posted from other sites, some of them were develop for this site, and some of them were shared wholeheartedly by different individuals.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Tutorial: Daylight with Vray and 3Dmax

Here is another excellent tutorial from Aleso.

Welcome to another exciting tutorial.  In this tutorial I will show you how to use the Daylight System in 3DS Max and VRAY. This is a nice tool if you are looking for a specific place of the earth for lighting your scene. I want to show some different ways of creating realistic renderings with V-RAY and 3DSMax.

The lighting in this scene is a little bit more complex in relation to other tutorials here in the site, so you can learn how to setup different type of lights to have a nice bounce of lighting.

Lighting sources in the scene:

1.-Daylight System
2.-Photometric Lights with Ies Profiles
3.-Vray Plane Light
4.-Vray Light Material

I have include the scene files for download
download vray scene

To create a daylight system go to Geometry>Systems>Daylight, drag your compass and your are done. This is the position and settings for the daylight system:

daylight system tutorial
daylight system 3ds max settings

For each window I used a Vray Light Plane with Kelvin Temperature and this is the settings of the lights:

vray light kelvin temperature

For the lamps and the other Photometric Lights this is the settings that i used:

photometric wikipedia

The light to the counter tops coming from the cabinet i used a vray light material with a orange color and 100 of intensity

Vray physical camera settings

vray physical camera

Now the render settings, nothing too fancy, the same as the last lighting tutorial, here is the setup:
vray render setup

If want to learn more about materials setup, modeling, and post-production techniques of this image, you can download the scene files, also the package contains some video tutorials about modeling, materials, lighting, render setup and post production with Adobe Photoshop.

I have included some render presets and photoshop actions for changing the look of any render just with a click.

download vray scene

Some other renders from this scene:

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