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Welcome to Rendering Tutorial site. This site is develop to help artist, architects, advertisers, visual artists and hobbyist a place to share, gain and learn from tutorial writers, important knowledge, tricks and tips in using rendering and image processing software. Some of the link here were cross posted from other sites, some of them were develop for this site, and some of them were shared wholeheartedly by different individuals.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Sketchup and Vray Resource site created by Nomeradona is full of gems. I have joined ASGVIS, Sketchucation, and now Chaos Group forums; I have not seen as plenty as resources as this site. This site is a must to visit if you are a SketchUp and V-RAY SketchUp user.

Here is a sample tutorial from this site. How to simulate lampshade materials in Vray SketchUp
Vray double sided material allows seeing the light on the backside of the objects. Vray artists use this material to simulate thin translucent surfaces like paper, lampshades, curtains, leaves and others. Gerbe Dumahil explained in this nifty tutorial how to simulate lampshade material using double sided material in Vray SketchUp.

More on Gerbe Dumahil's render using this material.


  1. this so great tutorial master... thanks so much... i will be try at my work... hope god bless your life... from malaysian.

  2. how do i make the light source cyclinder invisible? when i render i can see the cyclinder glowing inside the lamp. help please!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Creo Que A Este tutorial le Falta algoritmo. Él construído CIEN veces la caja con el material de doble lado se del como tal Explica. No aparece el Mismo. Emite luz el cilindro, sí ven los bordes Interiores iluminados, el de color e intensidad de la luz es correcto .... Pero el lado doble de material, ausente. Tengo sketchup 8 pro y vrai 2 Beta.